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Newsha herbal health drinks

Newsha Company commenced its activity by production and distribution of black tea in 2007‎‏ We are currently producing a variety of health drinks and distributing them all over the world. Newsha product portfolio offers a wide range of herbal infusions, coffee powders, green and black teas mixed with natural spices and herbs; they are all produced based on scientific principles, by using the most modern mixing, processing and packaging machines and also effective qualitative and quantitative techniques‎. Newsha is a network marketing company; therefore, our products are introduced and presented directly and exclusively to the market through our trained Independent Distributors.‎ Besides, it is a great entrepreneurial opportunity for everyone, especially women and young people, to start their own small and big businesses without startup capital..


Newsha products From farm to home

Bringing nature back to all families and helping people everywhere enjoy a healthier and more delicious diet through our naturally based products. Helping individuals everywhere, especially women and young people‎, discover their potential and achieve their goals by offering a suitable, modern, efficient, legal and secure opportunity which fairly and morally provides time and financial freedom as well as personal growth.

Tea versus herbal infusions

There are several types of tea but the most famous teas are black tea, are green tea, oolonge tea and white tea. All types of tea come from the same basic plant, the Camellia Sinensis plant. The differences between teas arise from processing, growing conditions, and geography. Among different types of tea, black tea is fully oxidized to bring out the deepest flavurs and white tea is the least processed and is the lightest with highest level of antioxidants. . All true tea is from this plant. Many people confuse peppermint and Chamomile as teas when these are actually herbal infusions or tisanes. Herbal infusions aren’t really teas at all but infusions of dried herbs, like chamomile, valerian, hibiscus, rooibos, lemon verbena, and mint. While all true teas contain caffeine, herbs do not, so they can be the best choice for caffeine-free drinks lovers and relaxing last thing at night. The various fruits, leaves, blossoms and roots are all the elements of herbal infusion drinks. we pay homage to this immense wealth of flavors, incorporating a wide range of fine herbal infusions for their nutritional and therapeutic merits and caffeine-free enjoyment.


White tea